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#10 ccatWebb Draws Africa 2020

Hermanus and no sharks!

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We spent two nights at another historic hotel right on the cliffs facing the ocean so we heard the surf pounding on the rocks and has ocean breezes in our third floor room. The Windsor hotel was located next to a small village like La Jolla, filled with restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and gift shops. One day was earmarked for an in the water white shark encounter. It never happened. No matter how much the crew chummed the water with their smelly fish carcass soup the only things we attracted were seagulls and seals. Christopher and I both donned full wetsuits in preparation, which was not at all easy, but only he climbed into the "people/bait cage" that was secured to the side of the boat. A lot of the men went in, but we ladies were waiting for the sharks that never came. When we finally got back to our hotel we heard that whales had come into the bay that day so those in town had the best sitings of the day. We showered, and had a cheese and salami happy hour watching the sunset from our window. The last night we enjoyed a gourmet meal sitting up high next to an open window overlooking the bay. Great food, great wine. Price was ridiculously low. Our tip, which isn't expected in South Africa, was what we'd normally expect to give here and we surprised our waiter....more $ than he makes in a day. Excellent service, he deserved it!