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#1 Carol Catalano Webb Draws - Africa 2020

this is my first sketchbook/blog shared online

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Page One..what I'd hope we'd see.

I'm getting old. There are things I want to see and a safari in Africa was at the top of my list. I started planning in October 2019 and with the wise council of a good friend who has many Africa safaris under her belt, I began the countless hours of research needed to "book" this on my own. We opted not to wait another year, not to go on an organized tour and to travel alone...just the two of us. I wanted time to sketch everyday. Christopher wanted time to relax, eat and nap. Safari's gave us both what we felt was important. By December, we were all booked...writing with hindsight, were we ever lucky to go when we did! We were gone 31 days and got back just days before the Corona Virus changed the world.

FYI - The collage of images in this sketch were influenced by the numerous travel books I read, different websites I visited and photos my friends had shared with me. My drawings are done in permanent black ink (so no erasing or do overs)...and I used up more than 8 pens in 31 days. The watercolors are Windsor Newtons and come in a very handy compact travel case...(water container, brush, water cup, pallets and 12 colors of paint) The sketchbook a really love is Arteza, 110 lb acid free paper ( that doesn't warp) and spiral bound...very user friendly. Just saying!